Macintosh Lab. has offerd instructions and softwares of Macintosh in Japanese pages since 1996. Now, I'm glad to introduce some AppleScript softwares in this English page.
All softwares available in this page are provided as-is without warranty of any kind. The auther disclaims any damages resulting from the use or misuse of these softwares. The author would like to receive bug reports from users, but cannot make any promises regarding future versions. You may download and use all softwares freely, though distribution of these softwares is prohibited. This page is link free. Thank you.
These softwares work in both of English and Japanese enviroment.

OsiriX Helper

  • This is an AppleScript aplet and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and OsiriX 3.0 or later. It is compatible to Intel Mac and Mac OS X SnowLeopard.
  • This script lets all applications in Mac OS X call OsiriX - DICOM viewer using URL relational handler (ex. osirixhelper://(patient identification)).
  • Sorry but included documents are writtern in Japanese language only. Messages displayed in this software is written in both of Eglish and Japanese.
  • Internal network installer is used for smart update. The latest update will be noticed automatically.
  • This software is a freeware. Use this software at your own risk.

MPEG Exporter TNG

  • MPEG Exporter TNG is an AppleScript application and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and ffmpeg executable binary. Default settings are optimized for ffmpeg SVN-8638. Suitable ffmpeg binary is available in this site (Raketta). MPEG Exporter TNG is front-end application for ffmpeg command software.
  • This script will converts movie files from many formats into MPEG-1/-2/-4 and any format, that is compatible with ffmpeg. The latest version can exports MPEG-4 and H.264/AVC movie with QuickTime 7.
  • This is designed for iPod video, and it will add encoded videos into iTunes and syncronize iPod. All that you should do is just drag & drop source files onto MPEG Exporter TNG and choose ffmpeg binary. Converted files are automatically added to iTunes library.
  • MPEG Exporter TNG has hybrid encoder system of ffmpeg and QuickTime. Default settings for iPod and Apple TV provide faster encodings with single path encoding, higher quality and less amount os file size with constant quality variable bit-rate control than QuickTime. Sound encoding uses QuickTime high quality AAC encoder. Compatibility with iPod and iPhone
  • MPEG Exporter TNG provides user friendly interface. Drag and drop on Finder or Dock is avairable. Multiple files or forlders can be converted with a just single action.
  • Internal network installer is used for smart update. The latest update will be noticed automatically.
  • This software is a freeware. Use this software at your own risk.
  • This is one fo the best video encoder in the world !

Technical Note

  • Vanilla script:
    Vanilla is a term used by scripters for a script that uses only default system additions. Some of my scripts call commands in third party OSAXen, but they are not necessarily required. Most routines in my shared script library present System 7.5 (AppleScript 1.1) compatible (but slow) script code.
  • Network Installer:
    Network installer that you can see in software packages published here is based on Data Component Object technology. Data Component Object is a shared library written in AppleScript. Data Component Object let scripts store any data into in binary file with using just standard scripting additions. The bug of System 7.5 can be escaped that system crushes when script object is stored with standard store command, because compiled script object is also saved with Data Component Object. Saved script with Data Component Object can be deliverd via the internet. Network installer will download Data Component Object formatted scripts and install them in hard disk in Data Component Object format. Download routin is also presented with Data Component Object and it is compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer, iCab and URL Access Scripting.